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Thursday, August 16th, 2007
6:25 pm
Fightscrime asked me these questions. let me know if you want me to ask YOU questions.

1) You and I both have old-ass parents. I have my own views on how this shapes a person, but what are a few of yours?

Good question. I've actually thought a lot about this. First off, I think that because my parents were born in the forties, they grew up in an era where common courtesy was far more of a norm then it is today. Even as a kid, I saw my parents saying "please" and "thank you", giving up their seats to older people and pregnant women, and generally being more formal in their social niceties. This in turn shaped how I try to behave towards people. While specific social customs are altered by different generations, I have noticed that people with parents born before the nineteen sixties tend to think more about how they interact with the population around them.
On the other hand, I think my parents age has made me in some ways almost a morbid person. They both have health problems, that in my adolescence were being experienced by the grandparents of my friends. This of course has lead to amusing run ins with "imaginary gout", but on the whole I have realized in the last few years how pessimistic I tend to be about medical or physical issues.

2) What's your favorite craft to do right now, and why?

I've been making my own stencils out of freezer paper and using them on canvas bags and tee-shirts a lot in the past year or so. I like doing it because on one hand, you really have to plan what you're doing, but then halfway through you realize that you've totally fucked up and have to freehand with some fabric paint. It's inexpensive, which I like. And I give awesome customized birthday presents, which in turn makes me popular.

3) How many people would you punch in the face on an average day, if you had your druthers?

On a day I'm working at the shop, I generally don't mind the customers, with two major exceptions. The first is people who don't watch their children. I'm kind of a natural babysitter and I don't like feeling like I have to keep some kid from choking on a pirate coin. If I'm going to babysit, pay me. Pay me a lot.

The other major punch-worthy offense is people who have "been there before". I've worked at the shop for exactly four years and with a very few exceptions, I have gotten to know all of the regulars. That being said, I tell every customer that I don't recognize, "Just to let you know, we do have two more floors." when greeting them. If it is someone I think I remember from having been in before, I'll say "do you know about our other floors?". I have a special hate for the ones who I don't recognize when they respond with "oh, I know, I come in all the time." No. They don't come in all the time, or I would know them. I hate these people. I would say on an average work day, I want to punch three to four people in the face.

In terms of derby frustrations, I fantasize more about shaking sense into people rather than punching them.

4) Remember that time that we saw a mammal?!?!

Remember? It was my 21'st birthday party and we saw a mammal that was later identified as a vole under a stone in Brian's backyard. It was clearly a mammal because it had body hair and almost certainly gave birth to live young. However we were skeptical that a vole was a real animal, because what the hell is a vole? I recall that one or both of us called whomever identified the mammal a liar.

I'm impressed that I remember this because it's probably the only memory I have of that party besides indignantly telling Laura "I know how to throw up in a toilet!" just before throwing up in a toilet.

5) What's your dream career, just this second?

#1 To be paid to skate in circles, yell and blow my whistle.
#2 care bear
#3 Some area of social work or counseling that involves adolescents or teens. In my undergraduate work I've always had a strong interest in the outcomes of different types of abuse on adolescents. I'm sure I won't narrow this down until I'm well into grad school, but sexual abuse has always interested me in particular, possibly because the effects can be so devastating if there is no intervention. I've also found that on the subject of sexual abuse, I'm far less squeamish then my classmates. I find it terribly upsetting to be sure, but to deal with such realities on a day to day basis, it's important to be comfortable discussing and working with survivors.
#4 vole expert
Wednesday, August 15th, 2007
1:25 pm
I put toothpaste on my hairbrush this morning. I just wanted to let you know the kind of girl you're friends with.
Wednesday, August 8th, 2007
6:56 am
Yesterday I posted my resume on Monster in hopes of one day being employed in a somewhat less whimsical working environment. Did you know that skills and job experience are important? Well they are. Who knew?

Also, if anyone knows any good resources for language tutoring, specifically Spanish, let me know, because this whole not having a degree thing is not entirely working in my favor. Again, who knew?
Monday, July 9th, 2007
3:51 pm
Could it have been me who passed experimental psychology 332 with a B? Why yes, it could.

Now, on to tackle my old arch-nemesis. Spanish.
Thursday, April 26th, 2007
7:24 pm
I have an interesting new hobby. Get this, I get dressed in my finest not jeans and tee-shirt and buy things. This is a hobby that I will not be indulging in frequently. I bought mostly derby workout wear but above all my favorite purchase was this:

It makes your eye shadow last ALL day. Wonders of wonders.

I'm also not sick anymore so this was additionally a celebratory trip.
Tuesday, April 24th, 2007
10:55 pm
Dear Digestive System,
That was some good work you did on Saturday. I had no idea that the soup that I had for lunch was past it's prime. You really picked up the slack there by getting rid of it quickly. You've always been there for me when I've needed you.
However, I think that it's time we started to trust our friends in the food community again. I am getting tired of Toast and would like to expand our potential relationships with other products such as Pasta, Fruit and maybe some Vegetables. While I know you always have my best interests at heart, you were in the wrong to reject even our mutual bff, Water. Deprivation from our relationship with Water has hurt us in several ways, including but not limited to missing work, missing derby practice, over-sleeping, general aches and dizziness. Please reevaluate your actions and know that I respect you and your potential to kill me at any given time.

Respectfully, Emily
Saturday, April 14th, 2007
2:42 am
Operation cut-own-bangs a success.
Thursday, April 5th, 2007
8:41 am
I found my wallet. which is definitely a good thing because I <333 money. But it was so stupid, It was no the grass on the part of my neighborhood where people walk their dogs and I saw it on my way to work this mourning. Nothing was taken, so I'm happy but kicking myself for being irresponsible.
Wednesday, April 4th, 2007
11:36 pm
i feel so dumb. i lost my wallet sometime between 3:30 this afternoon and the end of practice tonight. i've already canceled my credit card, and tomorrow i'll take care of my library card and find a time to get a new license. i'm just bummed at myself for being so dumb.
Friday, March 30th, 2007
9:39 am
Yesterday I withdrew from the spanish class that I was taking. I guess that I'll just take it over the summer when one of the really popular teachers is conducting the course. Not that there was anything wrong with my former teacher, but she stuck to the immersion based structure at UMBC and so I understood nothing that was going on. But hopefully I'll be able to graduate in August. That would be swell. Now I just have to find a way to tell my mother I withdrew from the course, she is going to kill me for realz.

Buuut anyhow, does anyone want to go to the DC Zoo soon, I like going this time of year when it just starts to get warm because there are less people and the animals are mostly happy about the warmer, sunnier weather too.

Also my dad might have Gout. but he wont go to a doctor because he may or may not have insurance. What the hell?
Monday, March 12th, 2007
11:14 pm
A player really upset me tonight. I know it's dumb and ultimately she was in the wrong rule wise, but I don't like having it implied that I'm being unjust or picking on a particular player. fortunately it doesn't happen often. Not that I deserve an inordinate amount of respect, but it bothers me when players think that they're above the rules and don't have to listen to calls that are made. I know that it's her problem but it sucks that I'm this worked up over it tonight. I'll feel better in the mourning.
Wednesday, March 7th, 2007
8:23 am
Well played Winter. Well played.
Tuesday, February 27th, 2007
10:44 pm
I'm bummed that I didn't go to practice last night. instead I was a lump. I was supposed to do a spanish chat with a classmate (basically an IM conversation in spanish using vocab words). but the guy never got in touch with me so I sat around not doing anything, when I could have been skating and practicing my "Man Voice".
Wednesday, February 21st, 2007
11:24 am
if we all wish really hard today, maybe we can get spring to come early.

i know that this might be problamatic on a global climate level, but on an emily related level that would be just fine.
9:12 am
ugg. i keep having dreams where a certain guy i know, who was convicted of being in possession of copious amounts of child porn and who luvz derby knows everyone i know. so in the dreams, i go off and visit these friends who ;ive all over the world and he's with them already. this does not make for restful sleep.
Friday, February 16th, 2007
8:56 am
If you are a full time student then you need to stop it right now. I'm telling you, part time is the way to be. I'm taking Spanish 201 and Psych 332 (statistics), I neither like, nor am I moderately proficient in these areas. yet somehow I have not had one tear-filled breakdown in the three weeks school has been back in session. drop half your classes. do it.

mind you, when i say that i don't like spanish, it's not in a "git out of mah country, or learn the president's english!", it's more in an "I struggle with this and therefore don't want to learn another language" sort of way. I like spanish and god knows it's useful, but i really think that the submersion method (utilized by UMBC) only truly works when you are submerged in the language ALL the time. Not two and a half hours a week as I am. It really discourages question asking when you have no idea what the answer your teacher gives you means.
but being a part time student I am above this sort of worry to begin with. so there.
Saturday, January 27th, 2007
6:07 pm
man. i was so excited to go ref in Richmond, VA tomorrow. The players there were so great that I was really excited to work with them. But my mom is super sick and with all manner of horrible ailments. so i get to care for a sick woman rather than !ROLLAREF!. oh well.
Friday, January 26th, 2007
1:12 pm
I got the volunteer job with planned parenthood that i had my eye on. i'll be working in event planning but hopefully i'll get more involved with other aspects of the organization after some time. I am so worried that after i graduate in May i wont have a job. but now, even if i don't stay on with PPM, they can write me a lovely reference letter, telling my would be employers how wonderful I am.

i did find it funny when I had to ask about what exactly "office casual" means. but i mean, i've worked in a fairy store for three and a half years so my idea of what normal people do is a little off. so now i get to buy big girl clothing!
Tuesday, January 9th, 2007
7:26 am
so i just checked my grades for the semester and i passed EVERYTHING. this is surprising because i did not do any of the final work in one of my classes. how am i this undeservingly lucky?
Monday, January 8th, 2007
1:03 pm
i was called into work at the last minute today because of a sick coworker. i'm sad because i was going to go to Joann's to buy some super sweet 80% off halloween prints to make derby skirts with. poop.
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